Grade 5-6

The Grade 5-6 program is offered to students at schools in the Wetaskiwin and Millet areas. Students in this program get hockey class every other day for the entire year.

In a fun and positive environment, students will Learn to Play and Learn To Train during a variety of on-ice and off-ice skills development sessions using a combination of both Hockey Canada curriculum and Alberta's Physical Education & Wellness curriculum.

On-ice skills development sessions use skill stations, small-area games and game situation drills to learn technical and tactical skills. Students practice skills and concepts before applying them to games, promoting the ongoing development and mastery of essential hockey skills.

Player Skills: Skating, Balance & Agility, Puck Control, Passing & Receiving and Shooting.

Goalie Skills: Skating, Crease Movement, Balance & Agility, Save Selection, Passing & Receiving and Rebound Control.

Outcomes & Skills:

U11 Hockey Canada Skills     U13 Hockey Canada Skills      Grade 5-6 PE & Wellness Curriculum


Off-ice skill development sessions include a variety of fitness, floorball and physical education games and sports.

Fitness: Strength & Conditioning to improve technique and overall performance. Activities focus on strength, endurance, agility-balance-coordination and speed.

Floorball: Training activities including drills and games that are used to increase student's stick skills in hockey. Students will become stronger at skills that are transferable to the game of hockey.

Physical Education Games & Sports: Activities to develop physical literacy skills that promote athleticism and the overall athlete.